Simple Steps to Work With It

STEP 1: Click Start > All Programs > Click Access Recovery > Access Recovery. Below screen will appear



STEP 2: Click "Browse" to select Access file( mdb or accdb) from system



STEP 3: Choose corrupted or damaged mdb file and click "Open"



STEP 4: Path of selected file is displayed on the screen. Now click the "Recover" button



STEP 5: After clicking on "Recover" button, software starts process to recover files:



STEP 6:As the recovery process finish, all items of files are shown such as table.Preview the content of repaired items and Click "Export" button



STEP 7: Click "Browse" to select the destination path of repaired file



STEP 8:Choose “Export Options” to export file in schema or schema with data content

Only Schema: Enable "Only Schema" option to store schema for selected table.

Schema & Data: Enable "Schema & Data" option to store table with schema and its data content.



STEP 9: Click the “Export/Save” button to save repaired file.